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Associate Professor

School of Computer Science
Beihang University
37 Xueyuan Rd.
Haidian Dist., Beijing
China, 100191

email: zhangrc [at] act [dot] buaa [dot] edu [dot] cn


  • 2006.05-2011.05 University of Ottawa Ph.D.
  • 2003.09-2006.02 Dalhousie University M.Cs.
  • 2001.09-2003.07 Jilin University M.Cs.
  • 1997.07-2001.09 Special Class for Gifted Young,Jilin University B.Sc.
  • Research Interests:

    I am interested in Machine Learning, Data Mining and Information Retrieval.

    Current Research:

    • Natural Langurage Processing
    • Deep Learning
    • Knowledge Graph
    • Recommender System and Social Computing

    Selected Publications: ( Full List...,Google Scholar Citations, DBLP)

    1. NEW Richong Zhang, Samuel Mensah, Fanshuang Kong, Zhiyuan Hu, Yongyi Mao and Xudong Liu: Pairwise Link Prediction Model for Out of Vocabulary Knowledge Base Entities. ACM Transactions on Information Systems. 2020
    2. NEW Richong Zhang, Yongyi Mao, Weihua Zhao: Knowledge graphs completion via probabilistic reasoning. Information Sciences 2020
    3. NEWJunshuang Wu, Richong Zhang, Yongyi Mao, Hongyu Guo, Masoumeh Soflaei Shahrbabak and Jinpeng Huai: Dynamic Graph Convolutional Network for Entity Linking. WWW2020
    4. NEWYaowei Zheng, Richong Zhang, Suyuchen Wang, Samuel Mensah and Yongyi Mao: Anchored Model Transfer and Soft Instance Transfer for Cross-Task Cross-Domain Learning: A Study Through Aspect-Level Sentiment Classification. WWW2020
    5. NEWMasoumeh Soflaei Shahrbabak, Hongyu Guo, Ali Al-Bashabsheh, Yongyi Mao and Richong Zhang: Aggregated Learning: A Vector-Quantization Approach to Learning Neural Network Classifiers. AAAI2020
    6. NEWYaowei Zheng, Richong Zhang, Samuel Mensah and Yongyi Mao: Replicate, Walk, and Stop on Syntax: an Effective Neural Network Model for Aspect-Level Sentiment Classification. AAAI2020
    7. NEWKai Sun, Richong Zhang, Yongyi Mao, Samuel Mensah and Xudong Liu: Relation Extraction with Convolutional Network over Learnable Syntax-Transport Graph. AAAI2020
    8. NEWRichong Zhang, Yue Wang, Yongyi Mao and Jinpeng Huai: Question Answering in Knowledge Bases: A Verification Assisted Model with Iterative Training. ACM Transactions on Information Systems. 37(4): 40:1-40:26 (2019)
    9. Kai Sun, Richong Zhang, Samuel Mensah, Yongyi Mao and Xudong Liu: Aspect-Level Sentiment Analysis Via Convolution over Dependency Tree. EMNLP2019
    10. Junfan Chen, Richong Zhang, Yongyi Mao, Hongyu Guo and Jie Xu: Uncover the Ground-Truth Relations in Distant Supervision: A Neural Expectation Maximization Framework. EMNLP2019
    11. Junshuang Wu, Richong Zhang, Yongyi Mao, Hongyu Guo and Jinpeng Huai: Modeling Noisy Hierarchical Types in Fine-Grained Entity Typing: A Content-Based Weighting Approach.IJCAI2019
    12. Fanshuang Kong, Richong Zhang, Hongyu Guo, Samuel Mensah, Zhiyuan Hu and Yongyi Mao: A Neural Bag-of-Words Modelling Framework for Link Prediction in Knowledge Bases with Sparse Connectivity. WWW2019
    13. Fanshuang Kong, Richong Zhang, Yongyi Mao and Ting Deng: LENA: Locality-Expanded Neural Embedding for Knowledge Base Completion. AAAI2019
    14. Richong Zhang, Xinyu Liu, Xinwei Chen, Zhaoqing Xu, Zhiyuan Hu, Yongyi Mao: Generating Chinese Ci with Designated Metrical Structure. AAAI2019
    15. Hongyu Guo, Yongyi Mao and Richong Zhang: MixUp as Locally Linear Out-Of-Manifold Regularization. AAAI2019
    16. Richong Zhang, Zhiyuan Hu, Hongyu Guo, Yongyi Mao: Syntax Encoding with Application in Authorship Attribution. EMNLP2018
    17. Yue Wang, Richong Zhang, Cheng Xu and Yongyi Mao: The APVA-TURBO Approach To Question Answering in Knowledge Base. COLING2018
    18. Jiajie Mei, Richong Zhang, Yongyi Mao and Ting Deng: On Link Prediction in Knowledge Bases: Max-K Criterion and Prediction Protocols. SIGIR2018
    19. Richong Zhang, Junpeng Li, Jiajie Mei and Yongyi Mao: Scalable Instance Reconstruction in Knowledge Bases via Relatedness Affiliated Embedding. WWW2018
    20. Richong Zhang, Fanshuang Kong, Chenyue Wang, Yongyi Mao: Embedding of Hierarchically Typed Knowledge Bases. AAAI2018
    21. Chune Li, Yongyi Mao, Richong Zhang, Jinpeng Huai: On Hyper-Parameter Estimation In Empirical Bayes: A Revisit of The MacKay Algorithm. UAI 2016
    22. Jianfeng Wen, Jianxin Li, Yongyi Mao, Shini Chen, Richong Zhang: On the Representation and Embedding of Knowledge Bases beyond Binary Relations. IJCAI 2016: 1300-1307
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    24. Richong Zhang, Xiaohui Guo, Hailong Sun, Jinpeng Huai, Xudong Liu. gTravel: a global social travel system. ACM Multimedia 2012
    25. Richong Zhang, Thomas Tran, and Yongyi Mao. Recommender Systems from ``Words of Few Mouths''. In Proceedings of the 22nd International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. IJCAI2011, 2379-2384.
    26. Richong Zhang and Thomas Tran. A Helpfulness Modeling Framework for Electronic Word-of-Mouth on Consumer-Opinion Platforms. ACM Transaction on Intelligent Systems and Technology, 2(3): 23 (2011).
    27. Richong Zhang and Thomas Tran. Review Recommendation with Graphical Model and EM Algorithm. In Proceedings of the 19th International World Wide Web Conference. WWW 2010.


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