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PowerRush is developed for efficient large scale power grid simulation. It can parse power grid with SPICE format and then perform DC simulation to report the voltage distribution. It mainly includes three parts: SPICE parser, circuit builder and linear solver. PowerRush simulator has been evaluated for simuting tens of millions of scale power grid, and ranked as the first place in 2011 TAU Power Grid Simulation Contest. For the on-chip power grid with millions of of resistors-nodes, DC simulation can be finished by PowerRush simulator within seconds.


Jianlei Yang, EDA Lab of Tsinghua University, jerryyangs AT gmail.com
Zuowei Li, EDA Lab of Tsinghua University, lizuoweirain AT gmail.com


PowerRush Simulator ( two IBM power grid benchmarks included )

- Simulator.tar.gz ( binary version, compiled on 64bit RHEL 5.6 )
- For 32bit RHEL 5.4, please download this version
- For 32bit CentOS 4.4, please download this version
- For 64bit Ubuntu 11.10, please download this version
Please feel free to contact us for other versions if you like.

AMG-PCG Linear Solver ( a small case included)

- Solver.tar.gz ( compiled as static library on 64bit Ubuntu 10.04 )
You can refer this guide to call our AMG-PCG solver.
Also you are welcome to inquire us for other versions.


For more details you can refer to our publications:


July 1st, 2014
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